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AstroShots Gallery

Below are some shots.  Those in color were taken with an Olympus OM1 while the B&W ones were taken with a modified Grayscale Connectix QuickCam.  All celestial shots were taken through a Meade 8" LX50 SCT.

Jupiter and Saturn

jrs5cp.jpg (2547 bytes) Jupiter  jrs10cp.jpg (2659 bytes)  can actually see Great Red Spot near meridian

sat15cp.jpg (2504 bytes) Saturn

The Moon

moon2.jpg (11608 bytes)
Craters Theophilus, Cyrillus, Catharina, and  Mare Nectaris

luna2fp.jpg (9860 bytes)
Craters Segner, Zucchius, Bettinus, Kircher and Bailly

luna21fp.jpg (12331 bytes)   
Craters Schikard, Inghirami, and Wargentin

moon18ps.jpg (24888 bytes)
Mare Tranquillitatis using Meade f/6.3 Focal Reducer

moon36ps.jpg (22666 bytes)
Crater field in south-eastern sector using Meade f/6.3 Focal Reducer
Crater Maurolycus lower center

  1qmoon.jpg (19671 bytes)       
Just Past First Quarter     

The Sun

sun.jpg (7822 bytes)
The Sun showing visible sunspots, taken using Orion Solar Filter

    Deep Space

orionneb.jpg (15298 bytes)

Orion Nebula using Meade f/6.3 Focal reducer and Orion Broadband Filter
5 minute exposure on Fuji Super G Plus 800
Guiding could be better, and shot definitely won't be seen in Sky & Telescope, but
this is the first real deep space object I've had any type of success with yet.

Here on Earth

cmdrlvll.jpg (17962 bytes)
While dining at Lovell's of Lake Forest, I was
fortunate to meet and take a picture with
Astronaut James Lovell
(Gemini 7, Gemini 12, Apollo 8, and Apollo 13)
gem72.gif (2361 bytes)gem122.gif (7662 bytes)apollo82.gif (2620 bytes)apo132.gif (4058 bytes)
Click on Mission Patch for Mission Summary

steed.jpg (19942 bytes)
"Steeds of Apollo"  mural
behind bar at Lovell's of Lake Forest

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